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The New Tires Test

April 14, 2018

Finally it’s warm enough, and I took the Hedgehog to change her slippers))

Well, isn’t it beautiful?

The road home was full of surprises and unexpected things..
I realised that the MT would make a noise in contact with asphalt – that’s not a big deal. But what I did not expect was a significant raise of the jumping qualities! Since the roads in our city were gone along with the snow, we are sometimes forced to move with the speed of 20-30 km/hour. And that’s when the most curious thing happens – the car turns into a ball! A big blue rubber ball. And I also turn into a ball inside it – an orange one…
If the speed goes above 50 km/hour the holes don’t make such a grand effect anymore, especially in comparison to the winter tires, or, heaven forbid, the altai-tires))
I have added pressure in the tires up to 2.2 (from 2.0) – and everything seems to have become better)
Now we are expecting the test-drive in the fields)



Olga Dzyuba
Kharkiv, UA

Hello! My name is Olga, nice to meet you! In this blog, I am talking about our travels to beautiful and unusual places in Ukraine and beyond. Well and the history of these places. I sincerely believe that it is possible to find something interesting anywhere - just look at the outside world from different angles)))