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Disappointments are happing in a life – a trip to the Svyatogorsk Lavra.

November 1, 2018

I’ve heard a lot about the beauty of Svyatogorsk during the fall, when the leaves are golden from a friend of mine. And yes, and the Holy Dormition Svyatogorsk Lavra standing on a mountain looks beautiful. And it happened (to the great surprise of everyone) that the second week of October was sunny. Went to ecopark twice, drove to Volchansk – where else? I remembered this beautiful lavra. It is not so far to drive, the road was recently repaired there …
In the morning I wake my friend unmercifully and told hom “You’ve told abou it- let’s go! Right now! ” By the end, we didn’t started that early, but there was still a lot of time left before sunset to calmly get around everything. 160 km one way is about two hours of travel.

When 20 kilometers were left to Svyatogorsk, I understood that we are not in time – the sun is rapidly rolling beyond the horizon. And then I’ve realized, that I had forgotten about the time change that happened over the weekend and now it is getting dark an hour earlier. Was so upset. And after that – it turned out that all the leaves had already fallen down in Svyatogorsk, although in Kharkov everything was still yellow and beautiful …
And here we come at dusk, there are no gold leaves – well, at least I will practice in the evening shooting, as I’ve long intended. And here I met the final disappointment in the current day. I was severely deceived by the fact that the batteries from my old and new cameras are the same. It turned out that they imperceptibly differ by one pin. As a result, I was left with only two dozen photos. I was counting on two batteries from the 10D that I had in my bag …
Well, I managed to make some photos after all)))



Olga Dzyuba
Kharkiv, UA

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