Sand career near Mogritsa village

July 2, 2018

Type: Industrial object       Kind: Modern (Inactive)

Country: Ukraine         Locality: Могриця

Coordinates: 51.02179, 35.10293     Availability: Available for visits, Bad road (during any weather, can be driven by two-wheel drive cars) , Natural hazard (cliffs / swamps / pits)

Career has several levels, the edges are showered – the sand is loose.

The career looks abandoned, but there is a guard booth in which there is someone. They don’t chase you, don’t say anything to you – drive for free as you wish.

To the career itself the road is the mostly fine, rural. But on the sand it is better to have all-wheel drive vehicle and to have the experience of the off-road travel or you might need a few people who will help in pulling the car out.



Olga Dzyuba
Kharkiv, UA

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