July 2017

Our Travels Expeditions

The “far and away” expedition route with the historians team

July 27, 2017

Our 1st Auto Grad Rallye organizers’ team was happy to take the off-road part of the Nakipelo-Expedition with Anton Bondarev
They do a very good, fun and useful thing -…

JeepLife Articles

The Long-awaited Suspension

July 7, 2017

Last week we have finally picked up the Hedgehog’s suspension))))
We have planned it and prepared for quite a lot of time. The old springs have already been completely bent,…

JeepLife Articles

The Males And Tires Post

July 4, 2017

My honourable audience, I have a question for you. To your mind, how many men are simultaneously able to stare at a girl who is replacing the Hedgehog’s flat…