October 2017

Our Travels Expeditions

The Auto-adventure with the UAR of 29.10.2017, or the pre-Halloween horrors

October 30, 2017

Everything started with the phrase “I think we’ve stayed home for too long”)) Anton Bondarev mentioned the abandoned Alyosha farmstead near a beautiful lake that has no road to…

Our Travels Expeditions

How we went to Mogrytsya on October 7 (the UAR auto-run to the Myropillya, Zapsillya and Mogrytsya villages)

October 8, 2017

The auto-run was simply wonderful!

The “sky administration” didn’t fail (grand thanks!) – the day was warm, sunny and dry!
I admit that I’d completely forgotten about one of the…

JeepLife Articles

The Finishing Touch

October 6, 2017

Before the previous expedition (3.10.17) I’d managed to get into the line of the suffering car owners.
I took my Hedgehog to the Boss on Monday morning and got it…

Motorsport Special Projects

We’ve made it!)) The story about the “1st Auto Grad Rallye” (23-24.09 in Kharkiv)

October 5, 2017

Finally some energy was found for writing the report about the “1st Auto Grad Rallye” we held on September 23-23th.
Naturally, the rally itself was preceded by the prep process)))…

Our Travels Expeditions

The Nakipelo-expedition of 3.10.17 or “The place of no roads – trust us, we’ve been there!”

October 4, 2017

Ha! Those who are afraid of wolves – …
Knowing our expedition Grand Manager’s tendency for hyperbolizing, I’ve decided to set all the marks above the ‘hedgehogs’, that is, to…